David & Goliath Bible Story Game

David and Goliath is the epic Old Testament Bible story tale of a young boy, David, who stands up to the biggest bully of them all, Goliath, a giant Philistine warrior.  Follow David as he goes from a simple shepherd boy to the hero of the Isrealites as he uses his faith in God to defeat his enemies.

Your children will be so entertained by the David & Goliath tale that they will want to learn more of what the Bible has to offer!

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  • Fun, cute and high quality animations of Noah, his family, and the animals
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Interactive activities for your children
  • Engaging storytelling, clear instruction on how to play each game
  • Catchy and happy background songs will keep your children’s feet tapping
  • Educational experience helping your children learn in a Bible-based setting
  • In-game achievements will motivate your kids to learn and play this story again and again


  • Your children will be glued to this classic Bible story
  • They’ll be challenged by 3 built-in games to complete the story
  • Once the story is complete, your children will unlock all 5 Mini Games, opening up hours of fun re-playability
  • Your kids will have fun and giggle with delight as they learn more about this classic Bible tale


  • David vs. Lion – Guided by God’s power, save David’s sheep from a hungry lion
  • David vs. Goliath – Fight the epic battle of David vs Goliath
  • Shooting Gallery – Practice your sling skills with this cute shooting gallery game
  • Sing-Along – Sing “A Boy Named David” with St. Dominiques Sunday Schoolers
  • Coloring Book – Color these great Bible themes coloring pages

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