Noah's Ark Bible Story Game

Noah’s Ark is the classic Bible story tale of Noah, a virtuous man tasked by God to build an ark for his family and all animals, to survive the great flood.This interactive Bible story is depicted in great detail, allowing your children to follow along and even help Noah through his journey to build the ark, load all animals onto the ship and pilot the stormy seas when the flood finally comes.  Your children will have a blast!

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  • Fun, cute and high quality animations of Noah, his family, and the animals
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Interactive activities for your children
  • Engaging storytelling, clear instruction on how to play each game
  • Catchy and happy background songs will keep your children’s feet tapping
  • Educational experience helping your children learn in a Bible-based setting


  • Your children will be glued to this classic Bible story
  • They’ll be challenged by 3 built-in games to complete the story
  • Once the story is complete, your children will unlock all 5 Mini Games, opening up hours of fun re-playability
  • Your kids will have fun and giggle with delight as they learn more about this classic Bible tale


  • Build the Ark Puzzle
  • Animal Food Match
  • Pilot the Ark in Stormy Waters
  • Animal Sound Match
  • Animal Name Match

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